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Whiteboard Aluminum Frame


Product Information: Code (Code):IG-SM

Expand your business with the writebest whiteboard aluminum frame to take all your ideas to the next level, with easy wall mounting and adjustable sizes for all your organizational needs.


Panel Size:

  • IG-SM34 - 1200W x 900Hmm.
  • IG-SM35 - 1500W x 900Hmm.
  • IG-SM36 - 1800W x 900Hmm.
  • IG-SM44 - 1200W x 1200Hmm.
  • IG-SM45 - 1500W x 1200Hmm.
  • IG-SM46 - 1800W x 1200Hmm.
  • IG-SM48 - 2400W x 1200Hmm.
  • IG-SM410 - 3000W x 1200Hmm.
  • IG-SM412 - 3600W x 1200Hmm.


Product Info : 

  • Coated steel
  • Comes with a safety corner cover

  • Collapsible pen tray for markers and erasers


Brownbox Service:

  • All products will be delivered in 1 unit complete with self-assembly.


Whiteboard Aluminum Frame

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