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"Phyxic 7" Storage Cabinet - Phyxic 7 Storage Cabinet 

Product Information: Code(Code): PX7-HC O1680

Cabinet tinggi  3 levels of shelves made of quality chipboard with an attractive design suitable for storing books and files.


Choice of Type :

  • PX7-HC O1680 : Open shelf cabinet.
  • PX7-HC1680WD : Swing wooden door cabinet.


Product Info:

  • Size(Size): 900W x 450D x 1680H mm.
  • Above(Top): 25mm thick melamine board (MFC) with ABS edges.
  • Body(Body):Melamine board (MFC) 18 mm thick.
  • Shelf(Shelf): 25mm thick
  • Wooden door (Wooden door): 20mm thick


Key Features:

  • Adjustable 3 tier shelves.
  • Kabinet 25 mm thick to prevent bending.
  • To meet safety, durability and stability, this   cabinet has been tested to professional standards



This cabinet is suitable for director's room, manager's room, executive room, open area workplace and others.


PX7 - High Cabinet 1680H

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