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Soho Desk With "Side Pier MX2" - MX2 Soho Desk With Side Pier.


Product Information: Code: MX2 SOHO**SP4 (4 tiers), MX2 SOHO**SP5 (5 tiers)

Stay organized and tidy withside pierMX2, can be used alone or combined with other units to create more storage and visually appealing. This soho table is a combination ofside pier, desks and even office drawers. Highlighting both natural and industrial design elements, this side pier features a metal frame with a finish"powder coated".Constructed from solid wood, this storage unit is exceptionally well constructed, ensuring it can be enjoyed for years to come.


Size Options:

  • 4 Tiers
  • MX2 SOHO16SP4 : 1600W x 760D x 750/1485Hmm.(Soho Desk: W1200mm)
  • MX2 SOHO19SP4 : 1900W x 760D x 750/1485Hmm. ( Soho Desk : W1500mm )
  • MX2 SOHO22SP4 : 2200W x 760D x 750/1485Hmm. ( Soho Desk : W1800mm )
  • 5 Tiers
  • MX2 SOHO16SP5 : 1600W x 760D x 750/1865Hmm. ( Soho Desk : W1200mm )
  • MX2 SOHO19SP5 : 1900W x 760D x 750/1865Hmm. ( Soho Desk : W1500mm )
  • MX2 SOHO22SP5 : 2200W x 760D x 750/1865Hmm. ( Soho Desk : W1800mm )


Product Info:

  • Top thickness:25 mm thick melamine board (MFC) with ABS edges.
  • Frame Type : Metal with "powder coated" finish.
  • Number of Floors : 4 floors & 5 floors.


Key Features : 

  • Featuring a modern and more classy design.
  • The modern style is perfect for a comfortable and casual environment.
  • There are 4 tiers & 5 tiers.

  • Offer spacious storage.

  • To meet the safety, durability and stability meja has been tested with professional standards.




This counter is suitable for  human resource management, admin room, sales department, government agency, art design room, engineer room, interior designer room and other applications.

MX2 - Soho Desk With Side Pier & Drawers

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