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Mesh Chair - ErgoChair 2.0 Malaysia 


Product Information:

  • Adjustable Headrest Height(Adjustable Height Headrest): The ErgoChair 2.0 is specially designed with a height-adjustable headrest. Users will be able to adjust it up and down as appropriate. It is also equipped with a backrest function that users can apply according to their comfort to reduce spinal stress while working.
  • Lumbar Support(Lumbar Support):It can be lowered or raised according to user convenience. User can lock/unlock lumbar support tension.
  • Adjustable Arm Rest (Adjustable Armrest):Designed in 4D pads for armrest width, depth and height movement. It makes it easier for the user to change the position of the hand according to the user's comfort.
  • Seating(Seats):Polyester fabric cushion mold.
  • Seat Slider (Slider Seatpan): Enables depth adjustment and seat slider  to reduce pressure on the knees and provide comfort to the user.
  • Mechanism (Mechanism):This Italian-designed backing mechanism offers special ergonomic features for the user.
  • Chair Base(Leg Base): 345mm durable nylon base with PU casters. 
  • Tested to pass standards BIFMA enables the chair this supports a weight of up to 150kg.​ (If the user is not in heavy use, this means the chair is more durable and durable sustainable.)



  • 735W x 735D x 1180~1315H mm.


Brownbox Service:

  • All products will be delivered in 1 unit complete with self-assembly.

Malaysia Ergo 2.0 chair

RM2,798.00 Regular Price
RM1,399.00Sale Price
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