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Economy Flip Chart Pad



Product Information: Code (Code):IG-EFM/MR

Our Flipchart Boards are made to showcase your ideas and plans. Made with easy accessibility and easy storage in mind, it only takes a few minutes to present your business vision and strategy.



Panel Size:

  • IG-EF23M - 600W x 900Hmm.
  • IG-EF23MR - 600W x 900Hmm.
  • IG-EF34M - 900W x 1200Hmm.
  • IG-EF34MR - 900W x 1200Hmm.



Overall Size :

  • IG-EF23M : 640W x 1700H x 770Dmm.
  • IG-EF23MR: 640W x 1700H x 770Dmm.
  • IG-EF34M : 940W x 1700H x 700Dmm.
  • IG-EF34MR : 940W x 1800H x 700Dmm.


Product Info : 

  • Available surfaces( available surfaces ) : e3 CeramicSteel
  • Steel writing surface coated
  • Turn knob clamping system for flip chart pad

  • Available with or without wheels

  • Adjustable height and retractable stand legs for easy storage


Brownbox Service:

  • All products will be delivered in 1 unit complete with self-assembly.


Economy Flip Chart Pad

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