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Double Sided Mono Mobile Whiteboard


Product Information: Code (Code):IG-MNM34, IG-MNM44, IG-MNM54, IG-MNM64

Leave itMono Mobileinspire the environmentBrainstorming anda with its bright colors. Easy and robust mobility allows you to make your ideas stand out from the crowd.


Size of Whiteboard Only :

  • IG-MNM34C/E :900W x 1200Hmm.
  • IG-MNM44C/E :1200W x 1200Hmm.
  • IG-MNM54C/E :1500W x 1200Hmm.
  • IG-MNM64C/E :1800W x 1200Hmm.


Overall Size :

  • IG-MNM34C/E :900W x 500D x 1800Hmm.
  • IG-MNM44C/E :1200W x 500D x 1800Hmm.
  • IG-MNM54C/E :1500W x 500D x 1800Hmm.
  • IG-MNM64C/E :1800W x 500D x 1800Hmm.


Product Info : 

  • Available surfaces(available surfaces): Ceramic and coated steel ( e³ Ceramic and coated steel ).
  • Removable magnetic pen tray ( Detachable magnetic pen tray).
  • Large 75mm castors for smooth and easy movement( Large 75mm castor for smooth and easy mobility).
  • Available in 4 colors( Available in 4 colors).



Brownbox Service:

  • All products will be delivered in 1 unit complete with self-assembly.


Double Sided Mono Mobile

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