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Creative Board System



Product Information: Code (Code):IG-SLI

The Creative Board System allows you to make the most of any space you have. Consists of one main board with two slideable boards that can be adjusted according to your needs.


Panel Size:

  • IG-SLI48 - 900W x 1140H x 20Dmm.
  • IG-SLI410 - 900W x 1140H x 20Dmm.
  • IG-SLI412 - 1200W x 1140H x 20Dmm.


Overall Size:

  • IG-SLI48 - 2400W x 1200H x 93Dmm.
  • IG-SLI410 - 3000W x 1200H x 93Dmm.
  • IG-SLI412 - 3600W x 1200H x 93Dmm.


Product Info : 

  • Available surfaces( available surfaces ) : Coated Steel
  • Smooth and noiseless sliding mechanism
  • Available for custom made whiteboard and bulletin board combinations (Request for Quote)

  • Available in Ceramic Steel and Chalkboard finishes (Ask for a Quote)


Brownbox Service:

  • All products will be delivered in 1 unit complete with self-assembly.


Creative Board System

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