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Let One series help in giving you a professional, sophisticated & corporate company image, combining co-contemporary design elements with modern materials & finishes.


More beautiful & more stylish with the Quattro series that applies aesthetic values to its design. Quattro is also taken from the Italian word meaning 'FOUR' according to its design features. 

single table - paraline.jpg


More attractive modern design. The Pentagon series guarantees the quality and standard of your workplace, improves the quality of work and provides a positive impact in your work space.


Showcasing a minimal design, the Paraline series is often a focus for large companies to fill their office space. Work begins with a good office.


Brownbox is the specialist for office desks in Malaysia. We offer quality office desks and various designs, you can find out the price of our office desks through our online store. BB Store has a wide selection of designs and series from director to staff office desks, L-shaped desks for straight desks and a wide selection of office desk leg designs. BB provides office desk ideas or designs to customers, if you are confused about the design or how to maximize your office work space, we will share our ideas with you. BB is always the best business partner for customers to choose their office desk in KL or Selangor Malaysia.

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