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IGREEN Office Furniture Sdn. Bhd,develop modern workspace office system furniture ideas and pioneer the profession of office product design in Malaysia.

        Through our experience in setting research standards in Malaysia, practical workstation interior. From private workstations for individuals to an expanding spectrum of open-plan partition system workspaces that support ultra-connected teams, we also offer the ultimate resource for addressing the dynamic activities of the contemporary office interior.

        Today, we inspire this generation with dedication and inspiration. outstanding innovative and dynamic office design for Malaysian companies, educational institutions, healthcare organizations and government agencies. Whether you are refurbishing a new office or organizing a large project with complex logistics, we can guide and advise you through the process of defining your office furniture needs, meeting the highest standards for quality, on-time delivery and customer after-sales service.

        We offer creative and responsive products that differentiate quality work style and transcend multiple generations. Products such as office desks, meeting tables, open plan workspaces, storage cabinets, steel cabinets, education, library shelves, link chairs and ergonomic office chairs.

        Our great range of flexible office furniture and manufacturing capabilities_ will support almost all customer specifications. From initial planning support to project management and installation, igreen provides an unparalleled level of after-sales customer service.


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